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Rules of conduct: For members and nonmembers alike 

 Last-minute cancelations will incur a fee. Since we're a membership club, this impacts all the members who can't find a spot to book. However, we love everyone, and we want to make it fair and give people an opportune time to book. Last-minute cancelation will have a $20 invoice fee attached to it. That also goes for no call, no shows.


Please give 4 hr notice to avoid any cancelation fee (Members only), Nonmembers: Forfeit your refund.

Time Management

Be on Time (We're getting busier, and time management is crucial) You can arrive early and sit in the lobby to study. Also try your hardest to be prepared for your scene.  Our self tapes take up to two hours, but please allow twenty-fours before inquiring. Please do not try to rush the readers to send your files immediately. 


If you feel sick of any kind, DON'T COME IN. We will be more than happy to reschedule (FREE OF CHARGE) you when you feel better. You can also reschedule your appointments under your profile on the " My bookings" tab.


You're allowed to book once a day. There will be no double bookings in a single day unless you paid extra for that separate time. Teleprompter: Please send your sides 24hrs before your audition. Also, It's a $10 Teleprompting fee for setup. 

House Rules

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